Studio B Fall Classes Filling Up Fast!

School is underway and Studio B is gearing up for new semester of theater acting and musical theater classes. Studio B Performing Arts Center, in Highland Village, Texas has been providing quality theater training since 1999. This semester, some of the favorite classes are back, along with a few new ones. All classes begin the week of September 12 and many of them are filling up quickly. Full class schedule and online registration is available at

Classes offered this semester at Studio B include the following NEW classes:

Audition Technique & Vocal Masterclass by John Green Grades 8-early college: Opera singer and voice teacher John Green will be offering an “Audition Technique and Vocal Masterclass” this fall at Studio B.  Come and learn audition techniques and vocal interpretation.  This course will be diving into the audition process and what it takes to be prepared for an audition.  Each student will have the chance to perform in the masterclass and take part in mock vocal auditions and critique and feedback will be given.  Whether you are auditioning for a school production, a community production, or if you are auditioning for college, this course will aid you in your preparation.

HOMESCHOOL Musical Theater Class: ages 7-13 Morning musical theater class for the  student nterested in expanding their knowledge of the theater, acting and singing. Will end in a class musical performance.

Broadway Bound: Musical Theater Are you Broadway bound? Interested in perfecting your stage presence? This class is designed especially for the older student interested in expanding their knowledge of the theater, acting, choreography and vocal techniques. Ends in a combined class performance.

Favorite classes:

Dramatic Play: Beginning Theater  pre-k to k Students learn the fundamentals of theater and acting skills through games, role playing and acting exercises

Mini Players: Intro to Acting Grades 1-2 Basic theater class using role-playing, skits, music, movement and games. Designed for the beginner, this class encourages children to explore creative movement and play in an expressive and imaginative setting.

Playmakers: Beginning Musical Theater Grades: 2-3 Students will learn both beginning singing and acting techniques for musical theater along with basic theater movement. 

Center Stage: Theater Acting Grades 3-6 Designed for students who are interested in focusing more on acting technique rather than musical theater. Students will expand their knowledge of acting and theater and will be introduced to monologues, audition techniques, improv and stage craft.

Triple Threat: Intermediate Musical Theater: Grades 3-5 This class is designed for those who have some theater/dance experience. Hone your skills as a “triple threat”-a singer, actor and dancer through more advanced acting techniques, theater choreography and vocal exercises